Saturday, July 23, 2011

What do you think of when you think of Summer....Watermelon, maybe?

Well maybe this is not the kind of watermelon you would like to eat but we sure thought they looked good.

Des wanted to use her black nail polish, that was bought for Halloween, for something so I decided to try to do something new. This is how "Watermelon Nails" came to fruition...LOL.

A few weeks before while at the grocery store we ran across a Sally Hansen line that was only $2 a bottle and couldn't pass up some of the colors. A couple of the colors we purchased that day, Ivy League and Caribbean Coral; along with the mini bottle of black Sally Girl polish.

In order to get the desired look I first applied the Caribbean Coral over the entire nail in two thin coats and once dry I dipped a Q-tip (aka cotton swab) in some remover and removed the polish from the tip of each nail. I didn't worry too much about the accuracy of the line across the tip of the nail cause they are supposed to be like slices of watermelon. Once I got the polish off the tips I went over each tip with the Ivy League color to give the appearance of the rinds. Last but not least I took the black polish and just placed random dots throughout the nail bed to give the appearance of seeds.

Des went to school the next day and said all her friends loved her nails. I love doing things like this with and for Des. Special things for my special girl.

Hope you all enjoyed!!!


  1. so cute! I love that line by Sally Hansen it really lasts :) and it's a good price

  2. Those nails are cute! I'm also a fan of Sally Hansen!

  3. Thanks Ladies, I really find that this particular line is great. It wears well and is reasonably priced. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  4. Super cute I have to try this!!!
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