Thursday, October 27, 2011

Before Baby Braids

Just wanted to share with you a style I did on my friend Suggaa. Suggaa asked me if I could braid her hair up cause she was very pregnant and very busy. Suggaa has long, fairly straight hair so I was looking forward to doing these braids to see how they would hold up. 


Suggaa came over with her hair washed and dry already. I decided to use Eco Styler in the clear container to help hold her hair and keep the fly aways down. I asked her how she wanted her parts and sectioned her hair off. I parted her hair from ear to ear and then did a side angle part as well.  I clipped up the sections I was not working on. Once I parted off the sections I just started the cornrows, I did my best to be sure that I made them all the same size. Before actually doing the cornrow, I put sprayed water on the section and applied Eco Styler along the roots. I was sure not to braid her hair tight but I did make sure that the braids were to her head. The back section is just cornrows straight down. I actually did this style right before I started writing this blog so I did not take pictures to show the steps but we did take pictures.

The Top

The Top Front

The Back

Suggaa kept this style for a week before doing a braid out. At night, she put a scarf over her hair so it would not get frizzy. I really enjoyed doing her hair, it took about 4 hours with breaks and such. Suggaa enjoyed the girls rubbing her pregnant feet. She had to move around often so that she could stay comfortable but it was nice. 

Later in the week.


Looking for a Baby Shower Cake

Braid out, front

Braid out, back

Hope you enjoyed this, until the next time... Stay Blessed. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Flat Twists- Twist Out on My New Haircut

So as many of you know I got my haircut a few weeks ago, with that haircut got bangs and lost some of the waviness in my hair. Well I miss my waviness and the bangs drive me crazy sometimes so I decided to try something new.

I washed my hair with Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Shampoo. I used Beautiful Curls Curl Nurturing Shea Butter Leave-in/De-Tangler on my hair when I got out. I applied about a quarter size amount through my hair with my hands and used a modified Denman brush to distribute the product more evenly.

Freshly washed, conditoned, de-tangled (FYI, late at night)
Once I figured out that I was going to attempt a Flat Twist Out on my hair I decided to use Beautiful Curls Curl Activating Cream to help set the style. I just a lil bit to my fingertips and rubbed hands together, I then distributed it over the section of hair I was going to flat twist. I made an attempt to part my hair straight back using my fingers. I was not concerned about how neat these flat twists were since I was doing a twist out the next morning. I did five flat twist total and secured the ends with rubber bands. I borrowed one of Des' satin bonnets to sleep in to help keep the twist intact since they were loose. One observation I made while doing these flat twists, is that doing your own (especially going straight back) is not easy, LOL, but I got it done.

Flat twists

Well I slept for a few hours and when I woke up my hair felt like it had dried completely so I undid the rubber bands and undid the twist. I must admit I was really happy with how the twist out looked. I really like how the Curl Activating Cream felt and looked on my hair, it was soft and did not frizz or get fluffy. I wore this style for two days and the curl pattern stayed the same both days. I thing I am going to attempt smaller twist next time or maybe teach Des how to do them for me.

Side view

Top view

Just a pic

Have you ever done a flat twist on your own hair? Care to share pictures, please do on our FB fan page or FB friend page. Is there something you wanna see me try on my hair or Des' hair, please let me know.

Until the next time, Stay Blessed.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Feathery Fro... Funny and Fantastic.

I am amazed how things happen. So today on our way through the church parking lot I noticed some ducks by this pond. So we decided to go take a gander (LOL) at them. Wouldn't you know it, we saw the cutest duck and guess what! The duck had a FRO. I had to take a picture to share.

I hope you like our newest Feathery Fro'ed Friend. All creatures Big and Small wanna ROCK a fierce FRO!!! Till the next time, Stay Blessed. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hair Carnival: Happy Halloween Hair and Costumes (Picture heavy)

We are at it again. My fellow bloggers and I thought what fun it would be to show you all our Halloween hair of Halloweens past. I have a thing for pictures so I have pics of all but one Halloween Des has taken part in up to the point. Here we go down Memory Lane to the land of witches, fairies, princess and such... hope you enjoy the ride.

I am missing Des' 1st Halloween picture, she was a Lady Bug. Des didn't go out that year cause it was sooo cold and she was little.

For Des' 2nd Halloween, she was a Fairy. I made her flower halo and also her wand. She took the pictures at a photography studio. Des' hair was just moisturized and left in it's natural state.

The 3rd Halloween was a little more laid back. Des picked out her costume for the first time. She wanted to be a witch. We did nothing special to her hair since she was wearing a hat.

Des' dad had a say in her 4th Halloween costume. She was a Green Bay Cheerleader. For this costume we just put her hair in a side pony tail and did finger curls with a bow.

Des' 5th Halloween happened after the stylist did the hack job on her hair. She was Cinderella and I tried my best to make her hair look like Cinderella's did on the medallion of her dress. I put her head band in and made the hump and the back is just finger curls.

The costume for her 6th Halloween was pink and at that time that was Des' color. In the pic you don't see the lil bolero jacket that came with the costume cause Des didn't like the way it felt. Her hair was just put back in the front with a clip and the left alone otherwise. No creativity this year at all.

Tinkerbell was all the rage when Des' 7th Halloween came around so guess who she was. For Tinkerbell we did a bun on her hair, nice and simple.

So you may feel a bit of De Ja Vu going on for Des 8th and 9th Halloweens but it's not. Des wanted to be Belle so Belle she was, twice. LOL. Thankfully we got our fair share of wear in this costume. Her hair the first time was just finger curls with the top part pinned back.

The second year Des wore the Belle costume I put the two ponytails on her, one on the crown of her head and one a little lower, and then did finger curls. The way the ponytails we situated it looked like a mass of curls. The newspaper actually went to her school that year and she ended up in the newspaper the next day.

Well last year, which was Des' 10th Halloween, she wanted to be a Vampiress. We were definitely not in character for this one. We were in a rush so Des had a wash n go with Eco Styler and some makeup.

This year Des already has her costume picked. If you wanna see what it is, you are just going to have to come back. Until then, I really hope you enjoyed your journey down Memory Lane with us and continue to Stay Blessed.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The young lady, to me, is striking. I saw her when we were leaving church on Wednesday and asked her mother if I could share her picture here.

Where we live, it is not uncommon to see adults of all ages with locs but not children. Not only does this young lady have beautiful locs, but the color of her natural hair in locs demands attention.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Long Then Gone...

So the title was kinda strange I know but I have heard this for the last two days... 'but it is soooo long and now it is gone." People are talking about my hair when they say this. I have been hemming and hawing for a couple of months as to when and how much I was going to cut so Sunday I decided to "Just Do It."

Night Before the Big Cut

Right before the cut.

After much protest from Des and even tears to see my hair go, she sat with me at the hair cutting place and watch the stylist put all my hair in a pony tail. The stylist measured it and told me it is about 15 inches to the rubber band and I am cutting above that. I said okay and it was over before I knew it, 16 inches of hair off my head.

Hair ready for donation. 

I have done these kind of cuts before because I enjoy knowing that I can help a child. See the reason I cut my hair is to donate it to Lock of Love. I know there are many children afflicted with things outside their control that leave unable to grow their own hair or cause them to lose the hair that they do have so I can play a small role in helping a child by giving them mine. The last time I donated was in August of 2009 and I gave about 14 inches that time. I consider it a blessing to have hair that grows fast and the patience to wait for it to get to the length needed.

Immediately after. 

The back. 

Later that night, hence the sleepy eyes. 
I know not everyone has the patience or the ability to grow hair as long as 10 inches so I recently heard of another cause called Pantene's Beautiful Lengths. Beautiful Lengths assist women who are dealing with hair loss due to cancer and they only ask for donations of 8 inches, for information see their website. I heard about them through a fellow blogger and good friend of mine Rae from Tweeny Hair.

Rae decided to do a donation to Locks of Love as well you should definitely go check out her journey. I am sure you will love her regular blog post as well. Stop by, read and tell her hi for me.

Hope you all enjoyed this post. Until the next time...Stay blessed.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Natural Hair Care Info: Curlformers giveaway!

Natural Hair Care Info: Curlformers giveaway!: Most requested: A Curlformers giveaway. BOOM! Here ya go. Thanks everyone who enters! We really apprieate it. P.S. Sorry I posted this so e...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Natural Hair Care Info: Curlformers giveaway!

Natural Hair Care Info: Curlformers giveaway!: Most requested: A Curlformers giveaway. BOOM! Here ya go. Thanks everyone who enters! We really apprieate it. P.S. Sorry I posted this so e...

Kinky Curly Products on JoJo and Des (Picture Heavy)

This post is going to show how JoJo and Des' hair looked when I used Kinky Curly products as well as a narrative of how I applied them.

Well this post was a treat for me since JoJo and her family have moved I have really not seen her as often as I would like. JoJo, her baby sis and mom came down a few weeks ago shortly after I had bought the Kinky Curly Product line. I had bought the KC Come Clean Shampoo, Knot Today Leave In/ Detangler, and the Curling Custard and had only used the Knot Today on Des at the point that JoJo's visit happened.

After JoJo and her mom agreed to let me wash and style her hair with the Kinky Curly products. We set out to wash her hair, her mom had said JoJo's hair hadn't been shampooed in a couple of weeks so I took this opportunity to shampoo her with the Come Clean shampoo. JoJo's hair had a lot of product on it and the Come Clean worked wonderfully at getting it out. JoJo said she loved how it smelled and that her hair felt good when I was shampooing her hair. Once her hair was completely rinsed I put a T-shirt over JoJo's hair to get some of the excess water out. I must say JoJo's hair definitely felt clean.
Right after washing with KC Come Clean, still wet.

With Knot Today and Macadamia Nut Oil in it.

I then sat her down and we began the process of detangling which can take a while just due to how much hair she has. I used Knot today mixed with some Macadamia Nut Oil for added moisture, since she has 4b/c hair it tends to get dry. The Knot Today worked like a charm at assisting with the detangling. The whole process was a lot shorter than it usually is. I love how defined her curls looked as well. 
New Growth, still wet with KC Curling Custard.

Defined Curls.

Once I finished detangling her hair I took small sections and put Kinky Curly Curling Custard from root to tip. I made sure that I raked my fingers from the root to tip to evenly distribute it through her damp hair. I continued this process through her whole head. I was really loving how the Curling Custard was making her curls pop and defining them. 
Almost Dry, shrunk up so more. 

Now as long as I have known JoJo and her mom any time her hair is worn "out" it immediately starts to grow bigger, so this particular day was definitely an experiment to see how well these products worked. I instructed JoJo to keep her hands out of her hair till it was dry to keep it from frizzing cause I read that somewhere, not sure where off the top of my head. I will say that for JoJo's hair this product did just what it said it would do, it reduced the frizz, gave her hair shine, defined her curls, and provided hold. 
JoJo loving her hair "out."

Day 3 and Day 5.

I am now going to show you how these products worked on Des' 3c/4a hair. Just recently the weather started to get cooler so Des decided she wanted to wear her hair down to school something she had not done yet. Well we decided to do this really quickly cause we had to get to church. Des co-washed her hair with Suave Almond and Shea Butter conditioner and detangled with a wide tooth comb. When Des got out we bloated her hair with a T-shirt and I sectioned her hair and finger detangled her hair again with Knot Today. While it was still sectioned, I put Curling Custard in from root to tip using a raking motion with my fingers, in the same way that you finger detangle. Once I did a section, I would pick up the tip and lift it up a little and kind of shake it so that it would allow the curl to reform. I did the shaking motion as opposed to scrunching her hair to keep her natural curl pattern intact. We literally ran out of the door once her whole head was done. It only took about 25 minutes from the time she got out of the shower to the time we were out of the door with a headband in her hair. Her hair air dried while we were at Church, that night to preserve her curls we put her hair up in a pineapple with a satin bonnet for her to sleep. 
After Church. 

The next morning we took her hair out of the bonnet and pineapple. I took my fingers with a little water on them to work with a couple of curly areas and she was set to go. She wore her hair like this for three days and had no frizz. We just put her hair in a  pineapple at night. 
Day 2


So for me I can say that Kinky Curly products do what they say they will. They were easy for me to use. I think I still need to work on how much product I use at a time to get it exactly how I would like for Des' hair but like with any hair product it is trial and error. I think for both girls and it being the first time I used it on both hair types the results were amazingly good. I hope that this post is helpful in some way to you. 

Until the next time...Stay Blessed.