Monday, July 25, 2011

The Day Someone Attempted to Commit a "Brittany Spears" on Des...

First off, my 17 year old son come up with the title (this blog is a "Family Affair"). He says, "Hi Everyone."

Well I, like many moms, worried about who should, would, could cut Des' hair correctly. So after what I thought was careful research I set out to get her hair trimmed for no reason other than it seemed like the thing to do. I mean she was four and a half, right? Wrong, but you learn from your mistakes and hindsight is typically 20/20. Let me say that this post is not intended to scare or cause unnecessary fret for my fellow parents, this is simply my experience and I wanted to share.

Picture a couple of months before incident

So I go to the place where I had already spoke to the stylist, was sure that she was capable of the doing a trim on Des' hair. I brought Des' Godmother along for moral support. I spoke to the stylist again about what I was looking for, which was a basic trim, an inch or so off the bottom. As the stylist got by started by spraying Des' hair with water (o_O), I was talking to Des' Godmother. I look and she is combing through Des' hair and turn to talk again. Then came the shocked expression on her Godmother's face. When I turned to look, about 4-5 inches of Des' hair was gone in ONE snip of the scissors. Immediately her hair shrunk up to her ears. My heart sank. Des told the stylist, my dad is going to be MAD. LOL. The stylist said, oh it got really short. I said I thought you said you knew how to cut curly biracial hair. She said I thought I did. I left the establishment without paying, with an earful of apologies and a lot less hair on my baby's head. Needless to say, I am not one who believes stylist anymore. I need credentials.

Picture shortly after incident

I hope that none of you every have to go through this but I did feel like I need to share it with you. 

Until the next time, stay blessed... <3

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Great Giveaway on Diary of a Hair Princess....

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

What do you think of when you think of Summer....Watermelon, maybe?

Well maybe this is not the kind of watermelon you would like to eat but we sure thought they looked good.

Des wanted to use her black nail polish, that was bought for Halloween, for something so I decided to try to do something new. This is how "Watermelon Nails" came to fruition...LOL.

A few weeks before while at the grocery store we ran across a Sally Hansen line that was only $2 a bottle and couldn't pass up some of the colors. A couple of the colors we purchased that day, Ivy League and Caribbean Coral; along with the mini bottle of black Sally Girl polish.

In order to get the desired look I first applied the Caribbean Coral over the entire nail in two thin coats and once dry I dipped a Q-tip (aka cotton swab) in some remover and removed the polish from the tip of each nail. I didn't worry too much about the accuracy of the line across the tip of the nail cause they are supposed to be like slices of watermelon. Once I got the polish off the tips I went over each tip with the Ivy League color to give the appearance of the rinds. Last but not least I took the black polish and just placed random dots throughout the nail bed to give the appearance of seeds.

Des went to school the next day and said all her friends loved her nails. I love doing things like this with and for Des. Special things for my special girl.

Hope you all enjoyed!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I finally did it....

After much hemming and hawing, I finally did it, I made my blog. Through the encouragement of other wonderful bloggers I have made the plunge into the wonderful world of blogging. I will sit on the sideline no more. I will do my best to provide a different prospective, share my experiences, review products and just let you in on my day to day life in hopes that you will follow me on this journey. Thank you all who have encouraged me and stood by me, I only hope that you will continue to do just that. Please be patient as I learn this process...and let's get this party started.

Until the next post, stay blessed and encouraged,