Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby A and Her Day with Blended Beauty

Happy Baby, all smiles and giggles!!

Before applying products

I would love to introduce you all to JoJo's baby sister, Baby A. Baby A is 14 months old and was born with a head full of hair. Baby A and her family don't live close to Des and I anymore so we don't see them daily like we used to. Every time we see JoJo and Baby A their hair has grown and changed, their mom has been doing a wonderful job. Well this past weekend they came to visit on the spur of the moment, as you can see they were in a rush cause Baby A's hair wasn't moisturized as well as it usually is. I figured it was a perfect opportunity to see how some Blended Beauty products would work on her hair.

I used Blended Beauty's Curly Cake Shake Spray Leave In Lotion Detangler on Baby A's hair which was not wet and finger detangled it. The Curly Cake Shake worked wonders to help detangle her hair and define her curls. I then used the Blended Beauty Down & Out Styles to lock the moisture into her hair. These two products made her curls pop and made them look wonderful. Well we did this on a Saturday night and off to sleep Baby A went.

After first application before falling asleep
Look at those Curls! 

The next morning her hair was still moisturized but her curls needed a little reviving from her sleeping on them so I sprayed them again with the Curly Cake Shake and ran my fingers through her curls. I did apply a small amount of Down & Out Styles to lock all the moisture into her hair since we were going to have a long day. The day was a success and her hair looked great the entire time.

LOL, Silly Girl. (sorry for dark picture we were at church)

After hours of running around and playing, Curls still looking great!

I would like to thank JoJo and Baby A's mom for allowing me to share them with you all and for allowing me to play in their hair. Until the next time... Stay Blessed.


  1. She is gorgeous, her curls look great!

  2. how awesome, I do love how it enchanced her natural curl pattern

  3. Aww how cute is she?! The products worked wonderfully on her hair!

  4. Aaww. Awesome post. I love it. Her hair looked great today too. I wet her hair in the bath and ran my fingers threw it and it smelled super yummy.

  5. Cute baby :) Nice post, we love blended beauty over here too!

  6. Adorable! And look at those little curls! So pretty!

  7. Her curls looked so soft and moisturized great job :)

  8. How freaking CUTE!!! Oh my gosh!! You know we are Blended Beauty fanatics over here!!! :)


  9. Baby A's hair looks so moisturized and her curls look luscious. She is adorable :-)