Monday, February 20, 2012

Stunning Strangers: It's a Small World

If you follow regularly, you all know I love to show beautiful strangers who wear their curls with pride. Well today in church was no different, I was sitting there before church and noticed these two beautiful ladies. I couldn't help but track them down and ask to share their picture here. Well while conversing I realize that I follow her on Facebook. Crazy how small the world is. I have admired her work for some months. This beautiful lady is Ericka from Dope Crochet and the little beauty is Miss A. I was thrilled once I realized who she was. If you haven't seen her work you must go by and check her out and let her know I sent you. Dope Crochet has some wonderful accessories that Ericka makes herself. 

Until the next time... Stay Blessed. 


  1. How cool is that! Beautiful ladies! Now I'm going to check out Dope Crochet

  2. Awesome!!! I shall be checking her out as well! :)

    They are BEAUTIFUL!


  3. Cool! running to check her out as well! Love their hair too!

  4. OHHHH I want something now but don't know what...!!! awesome stuff, and beautiful ladies... and such a small world

  5. HEY!!! That's my favorite crocheter and friend!! She's also a model :) Love it!!