Sunday, August 21, 2011

DIY: Deep Conitioner...

Sorry for not blogging often but life has been crazy with all the kids going back to school, and all to different schools to top it off. I hope to get into the groove here shortly.

I wanted to tell everyone about a great Deep Conditioner we did on Des. Back in April, I noticed Des was shedding a lot of hair so I began researching what I could do. I came across something that told me that Black Strapped Molasses was a good treatment for hair to help with shedding. I also looked for a good Deep Conditioner and a kept reading about bananas being used in homemade Deep Conditioner.

Well Des and I set out to do her hair, first we got a jar of Black Strapped Molasses (we had some left from her Science project) and put some in a bowl. I made sure she had on a old shirt since we didn't know if it would stain. I took my hand and ran the tips of my fingers through the molasses. I then raked those fingers through her hair, or at least I tried. It did not work out so well cause it was extremely sticky and pulled her hair. I figured I would add some Aloe Vera Juice to the molasses to help thin them out. Once I mixed the AVJ into the molasses it made application a breeze. I coated her hair from root to tip using a raking method and then put a plastic grocery bag over her hair to keep it from getting on other things while we let it sit. We kept the molasses on Des' hair for about a hour and then rinsed it out with warm water.

Next thing we did was get our two jars of banana baby food, honey, and EVOO. We mixed the two jars of banana baby food with about a tablespoon of honey and a half of a tablespoon of EVOO with a fork. We actually got curious as to how it would taste cause it smelled YUMMY, so we tasted it off the tip of one finger. It was sweet. I used the same raking method to apply this very loose mixture to her hair (this was kinda messy). Once all her hair was coated we placed a clean grocery bag over her hair and tied it. This mixture stayed on her hair for a hour before we washed it out using Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo.

Once her hair was washed we detangled it and noticed how moisturized it felt, we let it air dry to see how it looked. Below are pics of her hair wet, dry without additional moisturizer and pineappled on her head for bed.



 Dry without additional moisturizer

Pineappled for sleep

I did notice a difference in the amount of shedding Des experienced once we had done this treatment, I am happy to say it was "back to normal" for us, Thankfully. As for the conditioning treatment, it will definitely be something I do again, the results speak for themselves. Her hair looked, felt and smelled great. We enjoyed our "Spa Day," as Des like to put it. Anything that makes her realize how beautiful and special she is, is definitely something I enjoy doing. 

Hope you enjoyed, until the next time...Stay Blessed! 


  1. I never heard of using molasses, hmm I got to look into that! Thanks Michelle

  2. I have never heard of this either. Where can I get molasses? I need to try this for myself because ever since I had babydoll my hair has been shedding like crazy. Its gross :(

  3. That is interesting, definitely something I will look into, thanks for the info !

  4. this was a good post, i have never thought about putting molasses in hair. Now that you have posted this I think i may try it and see what our results look like.

  5. OMGAAA!! DRY W/OUT ADDITIONAL MOISTURIZER??? That is crazy. I stumbled upon a banana deep conditioner (using baby food) not to long ago and have been wanting to try it, but molasses?? On my list. ALLLLL of what you did is officially on my list. her hair looks AMAZING!!

  6. @AllThingsCuteandGirly, we got our Black Strap Molasses in the grocery store in the same area they sell pancake syrup.

    Des applied these same treatments to my hair (but I didn't have pics). The results were wonderful. Hair felt so soft.

    As for Black Strap Molasses, there are a lot of benefits from even just eating a spoonful. They are rich in iron, potassium and various other nutrients.

  7. Great post, I too have never heard of this method before.

  8. I just may have to try the molasses and banana method! her hair looks really shiny and healthy!

  9. I get the worst post-partum alopecia, I wonder if that could help with those kinds of things too, hmm... Great post!

  10. Her hair looks great! I'm gonna have to try the molasses and AVJ...her curls look amazing--so springy and shiny!

  11. LOVE IT!!! Her hair looks amazing too!!! Great job!