Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I have a Crush on CUSH Cosmetics...

I was lucky enough to win a CUSH Cosmetics Ultimate Curl Moisture and Protein Sample Pack from a giveaway held on Untrained Hair Mom back in June. I was so excited I couldn't wait to use these products on our next style which wasn't till the middle part of July cause life is crazy.

Picture of Sample Pack I received minus the Mango Babassu Shampoo Bar

First off we used the Mango Babassu Shampoo Bar, I have mixed reviews on this bar but I think it has more to do with the length of Des' hair in relation to the size of the bar we received. Des said it bothered her to have me rub it to the different sections of her scalp. I will say that it lathered enough and rinsed easily once applied. Des' hair felt clean without feeling stripped.

The next product I used was Moisturize Me to detangle her hair and get it ready to be styled. The Moisturize Me provide the slip and moisture I needed to detangle her hair. This process can take a while at times cause of the length of her hair but it didn't take near as long using this in her hair.

Des and I decided to do a freestyle flat twist style leading to two strand twist. I parted her hair from ear to ear and as I made the parts for the flat twists I applied some of the Mango Pomade to my fingers to aid me. I only used Mango Pomade on the section I did the flat twist on. I found that she didn't have flyaways once her hair dried like she typically does. Below are pics of her flat twist:

On the back of her hair, I did apply some Curl Extender to aid me in doing her two strand twist. I did twists on the whole back portion of her hair. I love the way the twists looked and held up. Typically I have to use rubber bands on the ends of her hair to make her twist stay but I found that this time I did not. These twists lasted a week before we took down for a twist out in the back of her hair. The front of her hair stayed until we got tired of this particular style. 

If you are interested in reading more reviews on CUSH Cosmetics, check out Untrained Hair Mom's and Intermittent Babbling's Blogs to do just that. 

I hope that this review is of some help to someone and that you enjoyed reading about my experiences. Until the next post... Stay Blessed and thank you for stopping by. 


  1. I am so glad you enjoyed the CUSH products :)

  2. The shampoo bar is my favorite! Great review

  3. Oh my those curvy flat twist are awesome....some many products y'all are bringing out the pj in me lol

  4. You ladies are stylist extraordinaires-LOL. How do you learn to do these beautiful hair styles? Love the blog :)

  5. wow I didn't realize how long her hair is, I love the design you did :)

  6. Absolutely GORGEOUS!! I'm in love with that hairstyle... Imma have to copy that for my middle one!!! Beautiful job and great post!

  7. I love that style. Her hair is getting so long and it looks awesome. I did realize how long it was when we were there last week.

  8. Yes, it is growing back out from her trim. We miss yall and it was great to see yall last weekend.