Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First Day of School Hair, REALLY Late

I must apologize first off of how late this is. I have been so busy with everything, I completely forgot to post what I did to Des' hair the first day of "summer school." Des' school goes back in for two weeks for partial days to get the kids back into the swing of things and get everyone used to the schedules and such so this was done the beginning of August.

The day before school started we had just returned for a week and a half of traveling. Des' hair had been in box braids with two cornrows across the front of her head. Des had been swimming, playing and not always sleeping with her bonnet so we were in for a treat when it came time to take her hair down.
Vacation hair, night before leaving

Lots of swimming

In order to make the process easier and to help restore some of the moisture in her hair I put a oil blend on her hair/scalp to help the braids loosen up. Des had a few along nape of her neck that were really bad and we hadn't noticed up to that point cause we were going non stop. Thankfully the oil blend coupled with the conditioner in the shower helped tremendously. The braids were left in during the co washing portion and taken down once she got done.

I moisturized her hair and we opted to do something quick since we were tired and it was late. I let Des search the site of my fellow blogging friends and she came across a style she wanted to try on Goldilocks*n*Me's page. Des had chosen to do two slide braids on each side that connected to a 3 strand twist in the back. This style entailed doing some things we have never done before but we gave it a shot and loved it.
Slide braids with 3 strand twist (our first time for both)

Des started her first day of school with a fresh new 'Do and a smile on her face too. She came back to me and reported that people at school loved her hair. We ended up keeping her hair that way for that week and just changing the pony tailed portion from a 3 strand twist to a fish tail braid as the week progressed.

Slide braids into a fish tail braid

I hope that you will go and check out  the blog, Goldilocks*n*Me, I know that you will see some wonderful styles and find some very good information.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoyed this post. Until the next... Stay Blessed.


  1. Awwww, Michelle... thanks for the love!! What's in her hair in the top pic making the color in the braid? Des has some beautiful hair, thick and gorgeous, and I'm glad everyone like it at school!

  2. That's gorgeous!!! Des's hair is amazing and she's the PERFECT model for any hairstyle!! Goldilocks*n*Me did it up big with the ribbons, huh?? She is one of my inspirations for another style too!! :) -- Gorgeous post, Sis!! <3 it!! (stumbling)



  3. @Goldilocks, that is Bling String, it is not being used the way it is intended cause it kept slipping so Des had to settle for that. Her hair is silky and I had no patience when I was trying to put it in. LOL. It served it's purpose to a degree. She was happy with it the way it turned out, thankfully.

  4. Awww, Char, Thanks Sis, your words mean so much. Goldilocks*n*Me can definitely do some things with all that hair, she inspires me. I am going to try and get that 4 strand braid down next. LOL.

  5. Love that chunky twists and creative styles! Looks supacute on her hair!!! Dollbaby... Oh yes hon, BIG fans of Goldilocks n Me in da house!

  6. @Baby Big Hair, yes that twist was big and came out good for our first time doing three strand twist. Des has thick hair and I tend to forget that until I am doing twist with all her hair. I <3 Goldilocks*n*Me.

  7. These are very cute and creative styles, love them on her!

  8. I love that three strand twist. It looks great.

  9. Wow! I knew she had a lot of hair, but that three strand twist is ridiculous in how thick it is! Beautiful style

  10. Love the styles! She is beautiful!