Saturday, September 3, 2011

Newly Nailed...Sure Seems Shiny (Review)

While I love to have my fingernails painted, I find that the polish seems to smudge or chip every time I paint them. I have tried various base and top coats to try and remedy this to no avail. Well recently I came across some new products made by Milani. They are the Milani Nail Treatment Smoothe Base Coat and Milani Nail Treatment Glosse Top Coat. They can be found at Walgreens for approximately $5 each.

Milani Nail Treatment Smoothe Base Coat and Glosse Top Coat along with Ulta 's Eye Popping Poppy

I decided to finally try these products to see if they were worth the money. I chose my color of nail polish, Ulta Eye Popping Poppy. I made sure my hands were clean to ensure that there was no lotion or oils on my actual nail beds. I was in a rush when I painted my nails so these pictures are not the best example of my nail polishing abilities...LOL.

Upon applying the base coat, I noticed that as it dried it left a matte whitish finish. The base coat dried quickly and the applicator brush worked well in apply the coat evenly. 

Base coat 

Once I applied the base coat to all my nails, I applied one coat of the Ulta Eye Popping Poppy. Something I noticed immediately is that it felt like the base coat was grabbing the colored polish. It was a very strange feeling but at the same time it made me feel like it was going to help the colored polish to last longer. I applied a second coat and waited a few minutes before applying the top coat. The top coat went on smoothly and seemed to dry quickly and super duper shiny.

Freshly polished (not yet cleaned up)

Day 2- Still shiny, no chipping or smudging.
I am happy so far with the way this base and top coat have preformed up to this point. I am very hard on my nails so typically by now I would have chipping. I hope that this review is useful to someone. If you happen to have or get these products please give me your feedback. 

* Darker nail polishes take longer to dry. Now that we are heading into fall and winter I know we will start using darker colors so keep that in mind when you allot time to do your nails.

* Do NOT shake your nail polishes instead roll them in your hand to mix the color to prevent bubbles. 


  1. Great post! Very informative and I love the color!

  2. that color looks really nice on your skin. i hate nail polish on my fingernails because of all the chipping, i might have to try this out!

  3. This was nice and I love the color. I didn't know that darker colors take longer to dry. This was very infomative, you had my attention throughout the entire post

  4. I have the same problem with the chipping etc, that looks really nice though!

  5. Nice!!!! I am definitely going to have to look into this!! I usually spend $15-$30 a week getting may nails done (depends on if I need a fill). I could save lots of money!

  6. I always forget to roll instead of shake! Shaking causes bubbles to form on your nail when you do that. I also just found out recently about last year that every nailpolish has a lil ball inside lol..good post!

  7. Interesting! Nail polish never stays on my nails either. Maybe I should try this brand!

  8. Great review!! I <3 that color too!!!!!!