Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Style with Purpose...

I am going to share one way I stretch hair. I know a lot of you may have heard about banding hair to stretching for styling like my friend at All Things Cute and Girly does or to stretch it in order to prepare for a trim which is what my friend at Untrained Hair Mom did. I do a different variation of this using a veil method. I used a veil method cause Des and I had somewhere to be and I was trying to kill two birds with one stone.

Freshly co-washed and moisturized

Des had just co-washed her hair. I moisturized her hair from root to tip using a butter mixture. I then began sectioning it off her hair while Des picked the colors she wanted, since we opted for colored rubber bands. I used a modified Denman brush to smooth her hair as I got the hair sectioned off to put it up. I did five sections across the front of her head. I then staggered the second area into six sections. I went back to five sections for the third area. The fourth area was put into six sections. I then began attempting to taper the sections so the fifth area went into three sections by combining the sections previous. I then gathered all the sections together into a single rubber band. I went down the length of the ponytail placing rubber bands approximately two inches apart making sure the hair is smooth before placing the rubber band. Typically when banding hair you use thicker ponytail holders but we were trying to use the colors specific to these rubber bands. As I got to the end of her hair I made sure that I placed the rubber bands closer together to help protect her ends. 

 I have used this veil stretching method in the past with wonderful result and this time was no different. I must say that the day after I did this style Des ended up getting her hair wet at a church function so I left it until it dried. With that being said it was not as stretched as it would have been had it stayed dry initially.

Changed the back a lil cause I didn't like the gap

This style served a dual purpose of being a style Des could wear out while she stretched her hair. She enjoyed it so much we left it a style till the day one of her rubber bands broke and then we revamped it. More on that style later.

Here is a couple of pictures of another time I did a similar style for the same reason.

I would love your feedback, have you ever done this kind of style and notice that it stretched the hair out. 

Until the next time I hope you enjoyed stopping by... Stay Blessed. 


  1. 1) -- That's a VERY cute hairstyle!! I love it.
    2) -- Nope, I've never used this to stretch the hair (never have stretched our hair...)... However, it's a very cute style and I may try that on BB!
    3) -- Des has the prettiest smile!! AND, her hair is in great condition! Good job, Mommy!


  2. That is cute as a style, I've never done her hair this way for the purpose of stretching, but have done veil-type styles. Thanks for the shout out :)

  3. I have never tried the veil method. HOWEVER, I have done a veil style and banded before (not at the same time lol) I'm not sure if this is the same as piggyback banding like I have seen on Tiff's and Aisha's blog but just done in a different way. Either way I like the idea! And thanks for linking (:

  4. I never did this either!
    Go head Michelle, look @ u inventing stuff!!

  5. Love it and I appreciate this post as this is the best way I have found to stretch the princess hair!

  6. This is really cute style! I have not tried the veil method. And to be honest i am not even sure my girls's hair is long enough!

  7. This is so cute! Great way to get a style out of stretching the hair!

  8. I love this idea - it looks great and I am so crazy busy right now at work, so killing two birds with one stone works for me! Gonna try it this weekend & will report back!!

  9. That is a good idea. I am going to have to try that on jojo cause I always get side traced when it come to the actual style part and I will put it off till the next day. Lol. So this would a great style she could wear for a couple of days.

  10. I don't know how I missed this but Michelle this was very creative and I love it!