Thursday, October 27, 2011

Before Baby Braids

Just wanted to share with you a style I did on my friend Suggaa. Suggaa asked me if I could braid her hair up cause she was very pregnant and very busy. Suggaa has long, fairly straight hair so I was looking forward to doing these braids to see how they would hold up. 


Suggaa came over with her hair washed and dry already. I decided to use Eco Styler in the clear container to help hold her hair and keep the fly aways down. I asked her how she wanted her parts and sectioned her hair off. I parted her hair from ear to ear and then did a side angle part as well.  I clipped up the sections I was not working on. Once I parted off the sections I just started the cornrows, I did my best to be sure that I made them all the same size. Before actually doing the cornrow, I put sprayed water on the section and applied Eco Styler along the roots. I was sure not to braid her hair tight but I did make sure that the braids were to her head. The back section is just cornrows straight down. I actually did this style right before I started writing this blog so I did not take pictures to show the steps but we did take pictures.

The Top

The Top Front

The Back

Suggaa kept this style for a week before doing a braid out. At night, she put a scarf over her hair so it would not get frizzy. I really enjoyed doing her hair, it took about 4 hours with breaks and such. Suggaa enjoyed the girls rubbing her pregnant feet. She had to move around often so that she could stay comfortable but it was nice. 

Later in the week.


Looking for a Baby Shower Cake

Braid out, front

Braid out, back

Hope you enjoyed this, until the next time... Stay Blessed. 


  1. man, i wish i had someone to braid me up when i was pregnant!

  2. That's pretty!! I love the style and the braid out!!! :)



  3. @Shay, I wish I had more people who would let me braid their hair.

  4. Wow, I actually didn't know it was possible to braid straight hair and have it look that nice :) Looks great!

  5. @Char, thanks Sis, I am glad you like it.

  6. @Goldilocks*n*Me I used to braid another young lady with straight hair and it always turned out nice, just have to keep the hair close to the head cause straight hair tends to slip.

  7. Gorgeous! I love the style on her and the braid out is so pretty

  8. That looks really nice, love the braid out too!

  9. you did an awesome job Chelle, Her braid out looked cute!

  10. that style is cute. I know where Im comin to get my hair braided! lol.