Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Long Then Gone...

So the title was kinda strange I know but I have heard this for the last two days... 'but it is soooo long and now it is gone." People are talking about my hair when they say this. I have been hemming and hawing for a couple of months as to when and how much I was going to cut so Sunday I decided to "Just Do It."

Night Before the Big Cut

Right before the cut.

After much protest from Des and even tears to see my hair go, she sat with me at the hair cutting place and watch the stylist put all my hair in a pony tail. The stylist measured it and told me it is about 15 inches to the rubber band and I am cutting above that. I said okay and it was over before I knew it, 16 inches of hair off my head.

Hair ready for donation. 

I have done these kind of cuts before because I enjoy knowing that I can help a child. See the reason I cut my hair is to donate it to Lock of Love. I know there are many children afflicted with things outside their control that leave unable to grow their own hair or cause them to lose the hair that they do have so I can play a small role in helping a child by giving them mine. The last time I donated was in August of 2009 and I gave about 14 inches that time. I consider it a blessing to have hair that grows fast and the patience to wait for it to get to the length needed.

Immediately after. 

The back. 

Later that night, hence the sleepy eyes. 
I know not everyone has the patience or the ability to grow hair as long as 10 inches so I recently heard of another cause called Pantene's Beautiful Lengths. Beautiful Lengths assist women who are dealing with hair loss due to cancer and they only ask for donations of 8 inches, for information see their website. I heard about them through a fellow blogger and good friend of mine Rae from Tweeny Hair.

Rae decided to do a donation to Locks of Love as well you should definitely go check out her journey. I am sure you will love her regular blog post as well. Stop by, read and tell her hi for me.

Hope you all enjoyed this post. Until the next time...Stay blessed.


  1. It was so fun to do simultaneous donations! Maybe we should doo this again in a couple of years! :D

  2. Beautiful post, Sis!! You look amazing, your hair is gorgeous, and your reason for cutting it is magnificent!!

    You are great, Sis!!


  3. Rae, I don't think I have ever felt as elated as I do sharing this experience/journey with you. Thank you and we should definitely do this again in a couple of years.

  4. Char, Thank you Sis, it always feels good to donate especially knowing it is helping our children.

  5. You did a beautiful thing Girl!!! That was great. I am so glad there are beautiful people out there like you.

  6. Both of you have gorgeous hair cuts...for great causes too!

  7. i wish my hair grew that fast! your new hair cut looks great on you!

  8. As I first started reading I thought how could u have so much cut off all at once. That was the worst thing that could of happened to me when I was a kid and the most I ever have cut at once is about 4 inches if I want a change. But as I read why u were doing I thought what an amazing women doing such a selfless act (",) caring about how long ones hair is so tedious when people have to suffer without. you've got a good heart and and u are very inspirational, and u look lovely with short and long hair (",)

  9. Your hair looks great! That last pic....raaaawwwr--someone is loving their new hair ;-)

  10. Your new hair looks beautiful! Locks of Love is such a great cause.