Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review: Curls Like Us Curl Cloths (Picture Heavy)

Des and I are extremely excited about have the opportunity to review the Curl Cloths we received from Curls Like Us. Curls Like Us Curl Cloths is a Winner of's Best of the Best 2010. Curls Like Us sent the Curl Cloths to us super fast even during the holiday rush they got to us across the country in two days. This alone is a huge plus in my book; prompt customer service is always wonderful. The packaging was nice and even had the step by step technique for use right on the back of the label. Curl Cloths come two cloths to a pack and cost $24.95. The even offer a couple of different color choices (Pink/Green or Blue/Green) for the stitching around the edge of the Curl Cloth.

Once I took the Curl Cloths out of the package I realize that they were definitely a heavier weight cotton and made to where you could place your hands inside the cloth, kinda like a muff you wear in the winter to keep your hands warm. Being able to put your hands in the cloths gave you the ability to help squeeze your hair to help get the water out. I also thought it was great that you could turn it inside out if need be to get more water out of your hair.

I stopped using towels on both Des' hair and my own several months back. I found that towels were horrible on our hair, when we used them I noticed stray hairs or broken pieces of hair in the loops of the terry cloth of the towel. I had been just using regular cotton t-shirts from around the house to dry our hair. Curls Like Us actually discusses these same issues on the site. 

Now right before we received the Curl Cloths I had just put mini braids in Des' hair and wanted to make sure that they would stay in for a long time. I must say we are going on week 5 and they have minimal frizz. I think using the Curl Cloth has definitely helped keep the frizz down. 

I took pictures of Des as she used the Curl Cloth the very first time. I love the fact that the Curl Cloth gives Des the freedom to assist in caring for her hair. Des enjoyed using it and was thrilled at the fact that water was not running down her back once she got done doing what the instructions told her to do. With Des getting older all these points are important to me as well. 

Des got out of the shower and was excited to use the Curl Cloth but not so much about me taking pictures of it. You can see by the picture above that Des has her hands inside the Curl Cloth like a muff. 

Des flipped her braids over and squeezed the ends of them with the Curl Cloth to keep the braids from dripping. 

You can see the spots where the water is in the Curl Cloth. 

Des is not going down the length of her braids and squeezing the water out of them. 

Per the instructions we applied our favorite product to the hair, you can kinda see the white residue in the weave of the braids by the root of her hair. 

Des then squeezed her hair by the roots and continued down the braid now that she is standing straight up. 

If you look at the cloth you can see the dark spots of water, keep in mind these Curl Cloths are really thick so that is a lot of water.

Here is a picture of one side of the Curl Cloth after Des was done getting the water out of her hair. Des loved not having water drip down her back or soaking her shirt when she got ready for bed. 

This is a pic of Des right after she was done using the Curl Cloth. She did not have to walk around with something on her back to stop the water from soaking her shirt. Des' hair looks great. Even now 5 weeks later Des' hair is holding up well. She has used the Curl Cloth each time she gets her hair wet which has been at least once a week . 

I too have used the Curl Cloth. I honestly love them, they effectively remove the water from your hair WITHOUT damaging the hair or causing frizz. In fact, I am now beginning to see the waviness come back to hair that I had when it was longer. 

I can't wait to show you all what the Curl Cloth does for Des' hair when she wears her hair free. I imagine that it is going to clump her curls up beautifully. I will definitely post the result of using the Curl Cloth on her free hair once her braids come out. 

Curls Like Us can be found on Facebook and Twitter, you should definitely check them out and let them know Girly and Curly said Hi!

Until the next time... Stay Blessed!


  1. How cool, I can totally relate to having a child that cannot stand to have a wet shirt from her freshly washed daughter hates! These cloths sound awesome!

  2. this sounds nice I'm gonna def have to check into getting these for us!

  3. A HATES having a wet back from all her hair, this is great!

  4. I need one for myself & Rhyan great review.

  5. That is amazing, I think every curly girl needs one of these! Towels create frizz and cotton tshirts just dont absorb enough. Des's hair looks great, I cant wait to see the results on her beautiful curls. Heading over to their site now...great review!

  6. Love this!! Great review, Sis!!! These are greatness!!!!


  7. Oooo, got one eye on these cloths fro'sho!!!! Eeek! Great post!

  8. I want on of those. Jojo could really use that. Awesome post.

  9. Great post! My daughter could definitely use one of these! She is always complaining about the back of her shirt getting wet.

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