Monday, January 30, 2012

Length Updates on the Mom

Hi Everyone. Not sure if you remember back in October when I did a "Big Cut" of sorts. I cut the length of my hair to make a donation to Locks of Love again. The last donation I made to Locks of Love was in August of 2009. I enjoy making donations to this organization cause I know that there is a real need for them, there are lots of children who benefit from it.

I am growing my hair again to do another donation as soon as I feel the tug on my heart to do a "Big Cut" after I reach the required length. I feel very lucky to have hair that grows quickly and is thick enough make a difference in my eyes. Honestly, I have never paid attention to how quickly my hair grows till I cut my hair this time. I think the reason I notice so much more now is cause of people around me keep commenting.

I figured I would show you a couple of pics of how much my hair has grown since October of 2011. Let me know your thoughts on it. Ask me questions. Predict when you think I will have ten inches or more to donate and still have enough hair for a cute style. Tell me about your experiences if you have donated. I would love to hear your thoughts either below, on our Facebook or our Google Plus page.

Until the next time... Stay Blessed!


  1. Wow! That's quick! <3 I love donating too! Love having "quick-grow" hair! haha!!

  2. Great growth :) you'll be ready to donate again in no time

  3. Woah that's fast! I predict donation length in October!

  4. Your hair has such great shine and growth!! Absolutely gorgeous!!