Friday, March 2, 2012

Protective Style Challenge Week 5: Four Fishtail Braids

I bet some of you wonder what happened to week 4 of KandyLand Kurls Protective Style Challenge. Well we wrote about it already, it was Des' Valentine's Day style; so this is why we are moving on to week 5.

Week 4 Style

Well for week 5, Des co washed her hair using Suave Almond & Shea Butter conditioner. Once she got out of the shower she told me she wanted two two-strand twists that lead into a ponytail with fishtail braids coming out of it. It was a great style for her to pick for the time frame we had to do it.

In order to do this style, I parted Des' hair into smaller sections then I sprayed the section with Blended Beauty's Curly Cake Shake Leave-in Spray Lotion Detangler. I then finger detangled her hair and used a modified Denman to make sure I worked the product through the entire section. Once I detangled her hair, I applied Blended Beauty's Down & Out Leave-in Conditioner Butter to that section using my fingers raking them from root to tip making sure I covered the entire section.

So now Des' hair is detangled and moisturized so I take two little sections from the front and make them into two stand twists. I then pull all her hair into a ponytail including the ends of the two strand twists in the ponytail. I proceeded to section her ponytail into four different sections. With each of the four sections, I did a fishtail braid. When it was all done she had four fishtail braids in a ponytail. I really love the way fishtail braids look and so does Des so it is a wonderful style for us.

To preserve this style through the week Des wore her satin bonnet to sleep. If she had any frizzes she sprayed a little of the Curly Cake Shake and smoothed her hair down; it worked great and wasn't really needed till much later in the week.

For the weekend, Des wore a fishtail braid out, her hair was still so well moisturized and the braid out was defined. I love how well these Blended Beauty products work on her hair.

When we first took fishtail braids out. 

As time went on, her hair had some shrinkage but very little frizz considering we were outdoors all day. 
I hope that you enjoyed seeing our style. If you have pics of fishtail braids you have done feel free to share them on our Facebook page, we would love to see them. Until the next time... Stay blessed.


  1. Her hair came out beautiful! That braid-out is just gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Precious, it was a great braid out.

  2. I am in love with that braid out pony tail...amazingness. All the styles you've did on Des look great.

    1. Aww, thanks so much UntrainedHairMom, hearing that means a lot. :)

  3. That ponytail is the greatest! And I love the curky cake shake :)