Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Protective Style Challenge Week 6: Rope Twists (First Attempt)

I wanted to share with you all what was done to Des' hair for week 6 of KandyLand Kurls Protective Style Challenge. I must first say I drew inspiration for this style from Shay of Mainly Braids and I also drew my instruction from her video which she did to show her technique. I had never actually set out to do rope twists till I saw her video. 

Now I need to give you the details. First off, Des co washed and detangled her own hair in the shower. Once she got out I sectioned her hair and applied Cush Cosmetics Hydrate Me, followed by It's Perfectly Natural Marsh-Aloe Transitioning Creme and The Pomade Shop Vanilla Pomade. Once I worked the products into her hair I began twisting her hair. I did her whole head like this in medium size rope twists. I was very happy with the way they turned out with the exception that there was a lot of scalp showing do to the parting. 
These rope lasted the entire week, we did apply It's Perfectly Natural Turn Me Loose spray leave in conditioner daily as part of the requirements for the protective style challenge. 

Des was able to wear these twists in a pony tail to keep them from rubbing on her clothes. She really enjoyed how they looked as well. 

Until the next time... Stay Blessed. 


  1. Her hair looks gorgeous and she looks amazing, as always. You did a fantastic job!!!


  2. I think these look sooo good! I love how it turned out.

  3. Gorgeous rope twists! I've done these on my mom and we loved how they came out!

  4. I love the rope twists they look so neat and small :)

  5. i'm glad my video helped you out! her twist look great!

  6. Her twists look very pretty, I see what you mean about scalp showing, G gets that too, but just like you we ponytail it and it helps...