Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stunning Strangers: Versatility of Hair

Left to Right: Ms. S, Ms. D and Ms. E

A couple of weeks ago while in church I couldn't help but to notice these three beautiful ladies all sitting together. I was really great to see how versatile natural hair can be. Ms. S is rocking a twist out, Ms. D has half her hair braided, and Ms. E is looking great with those locs. I had to ask these ladies if I could share their pic cause they are definitely showing exactly how great having natural hair can be. Hope you enjoy seeing our Stunning Strangers of the week. 

Until the next time... Stay Blessed. 


  1. Ok, I need to go to your church, I would get style ideas for days from that congregation, lol! Love!

    1. Well come on, we would love to have you. Definitely tons of inspiration there.

  2. 3. Beautiful ladies!! 3 great styles!!

  3. 3 great styles on 3 beautiful ladies!

  4. Lots of great hair! I especially love that style in the middle!