Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hair Carnival: Halloween 2011

So it has come time again to share with you a Hair Carnival. We have done quite a few Hair Carnivals this month cause there has been so many great things going on that we had a lot to share. There are lots of other bloggers participating in this Hair Carnival and why not it is for Halloween, how fun, be sure to check out the other links at the bottom of this post. I am sure you will find some wonderful ideas for next year.

Des has had quite an active Halloween season this year. She attended a costume party, a costume contest at school and of course Halloween night itself. Needless to say she definitely wore her costume and wore it well. Well with that comes doing hair "to go with" the costume.

The first time she wore her costume she was going to a party and on this particular day her plate was full. So she had to have a style that would work well with all the events going on on the day of. The first part of the day she wore a twist out and then when we had a chance we did an upside down french braid that we put into a pony tail holder. Des wanted to use two different types of ribbon so we did. The first ribbon I cut into two different lengths and just placed it through the ouchless ponytail holder so that it could just hang down. The second ribbon I used, purple and black zebra print, to do a mummy braid on half of the hair in ponytail. The other half of her hair in the ponytail I put into twist and then twisted them around the mummy braid into a bun. I used hair pins to hold the bun in place. Des of course wanted to wear make up with her costume so we put on some eye shadow, eyeliner, and lip gloss. She look so pretty when she was done.

The night before Halloween we decided we were going to try to do her hair to look like a bat. We braided the edges in the shape of the wings with the different sections of the wing separated with braids which we then wrapped ribbon around. The sections of loose hair we just smoothed out and gathered in to a ponytail at the top of her head were they all met. We took that ponytail and divided it; the loose hair became for the body of the bat and the braids became the head of the bat. We left out a section for a twisted out bang and also a small area for the ears of the bat. I realized after it was all done that you couldn't really tell it was a bat cause it went around her whole head but oh well. Des liked it and it was a good learning experience for me.

The morning of Halloween before school we got up and did makeup again for Des to wear to school off she went. I also to the bantu knot of twists down so she could wear bands.When she got out of school her makeup was pretty much off her eyes, not sure how, LOL.

Oh well, we did makeup again and wet her bangs, cause they got poofy at school. Off we went to "Trunk or Treat" at church followed by trick or treating in the neighborhood. We had fun, her big brothers tagged along with us and although they won't admit it, they had fun too. 

I enjoy these times since Des seems to be growing so fast. I hope that she will only be wearing makeup for Halloween for many more years too come... LOL. 

Hope you enjoyed our Halloween Hair Carnival and please stop by our Facebook page and leave some pics of you or your lil ones dressed up, we would love to see. Don't forget to "LIKE" us while you are there.  Till the next post.... Stay Blessed. 


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