Monday, December 12, 2011

Blended Beauty Review

I have had the pleasure of working with Blended Beauty in reviewing a couple of products they sent me to use on Des. The first is the Curly Cake Shake, which is a Leave-In Spray Lotion used to detangle. I love how this spray bottle is designed, it allows you to lock it when not in use, with a small little button located on the nozzle which you just push one direction or the other.  The second is the Down and Out Styles, which is a Leave-In Conditioner Butter. I have used these products together a couple of times.

Down and Out Styles

Curly Cake Shake

The first time I used these two products I had just shampooed and conditioned Des' hair like I normally would with shampoo and conditioner we already had. When I sat her down to detangle her hair I sprayed some of the Curly Cake Shake on sections of her hair and finger detangled and then went through the sections with a modified Denman brush. After doing that I applied the Down and Out Styles to the section I just detangled. I applied it from root to tip of hair by running my hands (with product on them) down each section. I did this to all of Des' hair the night before the hair show she was in since it was out of town. We pineappled her hair while she sleep and in the morning it looked fine. It was very humid that day and I noticed as the day progressed it got a little puffy but I think it had a lot to do with the amount of product I used. Since I wasn't sure how much was needed I did not apply a lot. Lesson learned, it is part of learning a new product. When we got home from the hair show I put her hair in a pony tail and two strand twisted her loose hair without any more product. She still looked great and it was moisturized for quite a number of days.

1st time using

The second time I used these two products we co washed her hair with a conditioner we already had and when she sat down I sectioned her hair. I then sprayed it generously with the Curly Cake Shake, I spread it while I finger detangled and then again when I brushed with the modified Denman. I then took small sections of her hair and with the Down and Out Styles on my fingers I twisted her hair from root to tip to create curls. I repeated this process until her entire head was done. Once it was done we ended up leaving to go out of town so she was in the car for a hour and a half trip sitting against her hair. I feared the worst but I was pleasantly surprised when she got out and her hair still looked great.

Curly Cake Shake being applied

Shortly after product was applied
Des wore her hair like this over three days, I have a break down of days and hours in the pics below. At night to preserve the curls, I pineappled her hair and in the morning if needed I sprayed her hair with the Curly Cake Shake. Des' hair could have lasted longer but it was time to go get a trim and so I washed and conditioned her hair before going to her stylist.

I think these products work great on Des' hair now that I know how to apply them, they are very moisturizing and smell delicious. I love how they are packaged and the texture of them. I would love to see how a few of Blended Beauty's other products work. I imagine that they would work just as wonderfully.

Blended Beauty has a variety of products for different hair types and needs. I am sure there is something there for anyone who has dry, wavy, curly, kinky and relaxed hair or heat straightened hair. Blended Beauty also makes wonderful satin sleeping caps, although I don't have one for Des, from the pictures they look great.

I hope this review was helpful. Until the next time, stay blessed.


  1. Your review is AWESOME!! Love it!! Her hair looks great!


  2. Thanks Char. I am glad you liked it.

  3. Cute pictures! Love those curls! And the fact that they lasted mulltiple days...

  4. Her hair looks awesome in every shot!