Monday, December 12, 2011

Length Check

I decided, after seeing many other's length checks on various sites, blogs, and Facebook pages, to see if I could find some pics of similar styles or views of Des' Hair. Well, I found a picture from the last two times her hair was straightened  for trims. The picture on left was taken on 6-5-2011 and the picture to the right was taken on 11-28-2011. I marked where her elbow was in both pictures so that you could use it as a reference point.

Until the next time, stay blessed.


  1. You're taking good care of her hair!

  2. Great length and her hair is in fabulous condition (",)
    When you straighten her hair what products do you use and do you use a hair dryer or straightners, or both?
    Also how long does it last and how do you maintain it and stop it becoming frizzy/kinky?
    Sorry for all the questions but I may straighten my daughter's hair for our wedding and I want to do a practice run first and I don't want to damage her hair in the process and from your pics it looks like your a true profesional with it (",)

  3. @ggmix, both of these times the lady who trimmed her hair also straightened it. When I have straightened it myself in the past I have used the Chi line on her hair to shampoo, condition, seal and then spray with their heat protectant. Depending on the humidity it can last a week before we get tired of it and wash it to get her curls back.

  4. Great length retention! Her hair looks very shiny too!

  5. It's just so silky! Her hair is beautiful :)

  6. thankyou Michelle I'll check that line out (",)