Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stunning Strangers: Mr. C and His Little Princess "A"

While I was at church this morning, I happened to overhear a gentleman talking to a lady about how he had to learn to do his darling daughter's hair. It was so nice to hear a male talk about taking care of their daughter's hair and sound so filled with love. I used this opportunity to ask if I could include them on the blog so that you all could see this beautiful little princess. In the process of taking her picture, I was able to catch a picture of Mr. C looking at his very own Princess A. Great job Mr. C, your little princess is beautiful!

Do you have pictures of styles your Significant Other did on your little one's hair or of them doing your little one's hair? If so please share them on our Facebook page, we would love to see them. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing Mr. C and his little Princess A. As you can see, she is the apple of his eye. Until the next time... Stay blessed. 


  1. He did an awesome job on his little lovelies hair!! GOOD JOB, Mr. C!


  2. Mr. C did a great job on Princess A's hair! I love the picture of him looking at his daughter...totally can tell that's his lil baby!