Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Huffleblossoms (and a Surprise)


You see those lovely flowers up above, well those are HUFFLEBLOSSOMS. What are Huffleblossoms you ask. Huffleblossoms are beautiful hair accessories made out of duct tape by Rae from Tweeny Hair. Rae offered me the opportunity to do a review on Huffleblossoms needless to say Des and I fell in love. 

Huffleblossoms are Handmade by Rae, herself.  Rae even takes custom orders. Well I already told you that they were made out of duct tape which makes them super durable and all weather. Huffleblossoms definitely are attention grabbers, people will take notice! Huffleblossoms can be dressier and playful which makes them great for all ages. If fact, the very first one we received I rocked it before Des but SHHH don't let Des know. LOL. Huffleblossoms are well constructed the bottoms are just as well put together as the tops. They can be made into pins if you would rather wear them as a fashion accessory, for example on your shirt or jacket or even on a tote or purse. We got our Huffleblossoms with alligator clips, the clips were attached with pieces of felt (as shown in pic below). 

Bottom of Huffleblossom

Des caught lots of attention at a festival wearing her Huffleblossom.

Beauties of all ages can wear Huffleblossoms

Baby A is all SMILES with her Huffleblossom on

Des love her Huffleblossoms

Huffleblossoms run about $6. Rae has even added Kanzashi Flowers to her ETSY shop from about $5 to $6 which are equally as beautiful. Just when I thought I had seen it all, I went by Rae's ETSY and Facebook pages and saw some beautiful necklaces, earrings and necklace/earring sets. The necklaces are adjustable to be worn at different lengths.  

Huffleblossoms Kanzashi Flowers

Huffleblossoms Ladder Ribbon Necklace

Huffleblossoms Ladder Ribbon Necklace/Earring Set

Hope you are all still here reading cause the best part is coming I promise but first I have to tell you a little  something about Rae and her daughter Syd. Well you see this summer 2012 they are planning to return to Guatemala to do Missionary work like they did last summer. I would love for you to go by and read about this upcoming trip. You will notice as you read this it explains that the money she makes from her Huffleblossoms sales is actually funding this trip. Now I do understand that the economy is not what it once was but I would like you all to consider referring friends and family to her Etsy shop. If you feel compelled to help Rae and Syd make this second Mission trip a reality she has a link on her page where you can do that. Every little bit helps. 

Hopefully you actually made it to the end of this post. Des and I love Huffleblossoms so much that we are going to be holding a giveaway which will post in a separate post so be sure to keep your eyes opened. In the mean time go by Huffleblossoms ETSY page and Facebook page, and take a look around both have different pictures.  Make sure you let them know Girly and Curly sent you. 


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