Monday, April 2, 2012

Review: Little Miss Fuzzy Head Happy Hair Fusion

Des and I were very excited for that Miya from Little Miss Fuzzy-Head allowed us this opportunity to do a review. The excitement increased greatly once we received our package because it smells soooo good. I really can't tell you exactly what it smells like, other than a good clean kinda smell which would work well for male and females. I think we opened it to smell it numerous times before we had an opportunity to use it. When we received the Little Miss Fuzzy-Head, we were close to the end of Kandy Land Kurls Protective Style Challenge so the timing was perfect to use this product for some smaller twists.

I love that it there are directions on the side to tell you how to use it for various styles and all the ingredients are clearly listed on the container as well. I would also like to mention the Little Miss Fuzzy-Head is made with all natural products and is also Naturally Vegan which is a plus. I found the Little Miss Fuzzy-Head is not too thick or too thin which definitely made it very easy to work with. If I had to compare the consistency,  I would say a nice thick cream. Little Miss Fuzzy-Head comes in a 4 oz. size for $12 or 8 oz. for $22, you can even get it unscented if you want to.

I started with freshly washed and detangled hair. I applied a nickel size amount of Little Miss Fuzzy-Head which I rubbed in my hands and ran my hands through Des' hair. I then followed that with a modified Denman to make sure the product was worked through her hair. I actually put Des' hair into a piggy back ponytail and left it that way overnight before I began doing small twists on her hair. The next day I "pinch parted" her hair and did two strand twists to her whole head using a little more of the Little Miss Fuzzy-Head on the sections. I am sure I would have been fine to do the twists without more product but I love the way it smells. 

After I brushed product into hair

Piggy back ponytail


Day 2 with twists

I am happy to report that these twists looked great for the 13 days we kept them in and the braid out was wonderful. I can't wait to see how this product works for Des when she decides she wants to wear her hair out. I really like this product. I found that it worked wonderfully in Des' hair and she didn't require much moisture added over the 13 day period.

7 days after twists were done

Twist Out on Day 13

Day 2 of Twist Out

 Little Miss Fuzzy-Head has a wonderful web page that explains about how this product should be used if you have any questions. Do you want to get some of your very own, you can order it here. You can also find Little Miss Fuzzy-Head on Facebook, go by and let them know Girly and Curly sent you.

Until the next time... Stay Blessed.  

*These products were sent to Girly and Curly for the purpose of a review but all feelings are ours alone. 


  1. Gorgeous results ... her hair looked amazing!

  2. I really like the fact that they have different directions for different styles. Des' twist look phenomenal! I love how thick her twistout is in the pic with the hoodie, it looks like this product loooooves her hair!

  3. I love the fact that they explain how to use it, very convenient. I like the name and the packaging too, not to mention that it made Des' hair look phenomenal!

  4. I love Des' hair with this product! I like their name, packaging and their directions. very nice!

  5. I love the ingredients, it sounds like a great product and the results are fabulous! That twist out is gorgeous.

  6. I love her hair with this product!!! Her hair looks amazing! This is a great product and we love it over here...

    P.S. I <3 the last pic of Des!!!!


  7. Her hair looks great, sounds like a great product :)

  8. Her hair looks amazing! This product sounds great and I'm loving the hoodie pic!