Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review: Yamerra Hair & Body Butter

We recently received a few of Yamerra's Hair and Body Butter mini's to review. When we first opened the box we were intrigued by the names of the scents and we wondered if the product would smell like it was named. I am here to let you know that these products smell delish. 

Yamerra is a line of handmade, luxurious, 100% all natural organic skin and hair care line. Yamerra uses Shea butter, pure essential oils, vitamin A, vitamin E and natural herbs with aroma-therapeutic elements that titillate your senses and stimulate your mind. The hair and body butter is sold in two sizes 1/2 oz. for $12.00 and  a 4 oz. for $25.00. You can also request a 6 oz. Shea soap for $13.50. The scents that are available are Honey Vanilla, Tangerine Grape, Peach Peppermint, Jasmine Sage, Lavender, Healing Lemongrass, and Mango. The website has a breakdown of what each scent's benefit is, which is great to know. 

We decided to use the Honey Vanilla to moisturize Des' skin after a bath since her skin has been dry with the crazy weather we have had. I was happy to see that the Yamerra Honey Vanilla was also intended to be used on sensitive skin and the facial area. The texture of Yamerra is very smooth soft solid. Once I ran my finger around the container taking a bit off the top and rubbed my hands together the butter melted nicely. 

I applied it to Des' legs first and honestly had to use very little to cover her legs completely. Des loved how it felt going on and how it smelled as well. I must admit I really liked the smell of the Honey Vanilla , it was calming which was wonderful since it was bed time. I was also happy to see Des' face had no issues when we used this product on it, in fact it help the areas that were really dry and kept the rest of her face moisturized without becoming oily. 

Yamerra in my opinion makes a wonderful line of Hair and Body Butters. I have used the other two as lip balms and to moisturize my hands. I have even applied a little to my own hair to help moisturize and assist with frizz. I didn't think that the 1/2 oz. size would last long but it has; I feel this has to do with the fact that the Yamerra is made with Shea butter and pure essential oils. Yamerra can be found on Facebook and Twitter, go by and let them know that Girly and Curly sent you. 

Until the next time... Stay Blessed. 


  1. Very nice! Love how her skin is glowing!

  2. Honey Vanilla sounds like an amazing scent! Her skin looks great. I just recently started using a honey lotion on D and works so well at keeping the skin her skin hydrated.

  3. Wow those scents doing delicious! Honey vanilla, yum! Des skin is practically glowing!

  4. Very nice!!! Looks great!