Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sunday= Fun Day (written by Des)

Dear  Bloggies,

This is Des. I wanted to share my experience from Sunday with you. On Sunday, I went to Killeen's Natural Hair & Health Expo, there we met lots of people that had natural products or were interested in curly hair. We got stopped by many photographers and I got my picture taken. People asked my mom who did my hair and that was an obvious answer, she does it. Then they lectured her because she has no hair license. They were trying to tell her she should get a hair license cause there are not enough people who know how to take care of curly hair.

Des and Aazia at Expo before walking in the Hair Show.

Des and DRamZ84 after her "Natural Hair Styling 101" class.

We then went to a Hair Styling class given by DRamZ84 and there we met a lady, Ms. Felicia, that was staying for the Hair Show. She customizes feathers hair pieces and offered me one to wear in the hair show. I was able to chose a feather to match my outfit. We ran to get ready for the hair show right after talking to Ms. Felicia (missed out on taking a pic with her).

Beautiful yellow feather hair clip made by Felicia of FLS Designer Fashion Jewelry.

For the Hair Show, I wore a shirt that says "Diva" and a multi-colored tutu (my mom made) worn over a black petticoat. I also had blue ruffle flats on and in my hair I wore the vibrant yellow feather hair piece. I walked down the runway and then scurried to dressing area to get changed. For my dressy outfit, I changed into a brown and gold dress. For accessories, I wore bangles, a flower necklace, flower petal earrings, and taupe colored shoes. At first, my hair was out and then my mom put my hair up in a loose french twist held in place with a brown dangling hair pin. When I went up the second time, I had to answer questions and walk one more time. It was over as quick as it started, that was my night at the hair show. Hope you enjoyed.

                                                            HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


  1. It looks like you had a great time, Des! Thanks for sharing your fun day with all of us!

  2. How much fun was THAT?!?! Way too cool and you look amazing!!! Modeling is right up your alley!! You purdy little thang!!

  3. You look gorgeous...sounds like lots of fun!

  4. Des,

    You looked absolutely phenomenal!! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing experience!! That's so sweet of you to do!!!


  5. Both looks are beautiful! Trying to decide which is my favorite... I love the clip and the feather!

  6. Des, this was beautifully written. I loved hearing about your experience, you are obviously an intelligent, brave, strong young lady to have the courage to go on stage and ROCK IT!! like you did. You are beautiful, that outfit was gorgeous, and your hair ALWAYS look amazing!

  7. The hair accessories are absolutely gorgeousness! Super happy that you had fun in your hair show and I hope you get to do many many more int he future :D