Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review: Beautiful Curls Curl Nurturing System

Beautiful Curls

First off, I want to thank beautiful curls for the opportunity to review these products. I used these products on Des and I over a couple of months worth of time. The one thing I must say off the bat is I love how these products smell. It is a light citrus scent, that initially I could not place, but came to realize it was Mango and Vanilla extract.

I have used the shampoo and leave in conditioner numerous times. I love the way that it works on me. I used the Curl Activating Cream on my hair to do a flat twist out. The results were great, the curl pattern held without making my hair hard or too oily and it helped it last for a few days until I washed it out. I know I will continue to use these products on my hair since I received very favorable results every time I have used it.

Flat Twist Out 

Now on to Des' hair, I have used these products at different times on her hair and it has been a process of trial and error for me before I got down my technique. As with any new product, the way you apply plays a large role in how well it performs; well at least for me that is the case.

I would like to say that the very first remark I heard from Des in regards to the Shampoo is that she loved the way it felt on her scalp and that she enjoyed the smell. She also said the same for the Leave In/ Detangler. I have done quite a few styles with these products. I am sure you all can remember our pony tail with the big bow for our Breast Cancer Awareness style, well we used the Shampoo, Leave In/ Detangler and Curl Activating Cream to create it. In order to keep the curls fresh we used the Curl Reviving Tonic, it worked well to help keep the frizz down for us.

Well it is one thing to wear the majority of your hair up in a style but the real test is how well it preforms with all the hair worn out. Well I shall show you our experience. First, I applied Macadamia Nut Oil to her hair and scalp as a pre poo, letting it sit for about 10 minutes before I shampooed Des' hair with Beautiful Curls Shampoo. Upon her getting out of the water I wrapped her hair in a t-shirt to take some of the water out of her hair and proceeded to apply the Beautiful Curls Leave In/ Detangler. I finished her hair off with the Curl Activating Cream applied to small detangled sections of hair from root to ends using a raking method with my fingertips. I did this till her whole head was done and then let her hair dry naturally. The results were good. I think in some areas I was a little heavy handed which caused her hair to be stiff but it was no longer like that the next day. To preserve her curls while she sleeps, I "pineapple" her hair and she covered her hair with a bonnet.

Beautiful Curls on Des' wet hair.

Gotta love shrinkage.

After hair was dry with Beautiful Curls

Just love this pic
The shampoo is very thick so it does not take much to get the job done. The leave in/ detangler is also very thick which is great, it makes it much easier for me to distribute when I don't have to worry about conditioner slipping out of my hand or through my fingers. The curl activating cream is thinner than the conditioner but not so much that it slides off your fingers or drips. The actual curl reviving tonic has to be shaken but when it is sprayed it did not make her hair sticky or tacky feeling. The spray covered the area evenly and with a fine layer of tonic.

So after all the uses, I still have more than three fourths of the containers of products. I have also used them on JoJo and her baby sis, Baby A. I am sure you can tell by the pics that the products work well.

Curlformers on third day, product used Beautiful Curls

 Baby A's curls popping with Beautiful Curls Leave In/ Detangler.

JoJo's twists using the whole line with a little Eco Styler too. 

Aside from the products working well, the company is doing so much to help people better themselves and their communities. Here is a little of what they strive to do:

Beautiful Curls was created by Alaffia to further their goal of empowering individuals and communities through the fair trade of handcrafted shea butter. With simple formulations, honest ingredients, and fair trade principles, Beautiful Curls strives for healthy hair, healthy communities and a healthy planet.

Beautiful Curls is based on the belief that beauty comes in all forms – and Beautiful hair is no different. Beautiful Curls are loose waves, big curls, medium spirals, tight springy coils and all things in between. Beautiful Curls are healthy curls. Just as diet and internal health are important for hair, so is external care. Our rich shea butter formulas moisturize and nurture for healthy, shiny and happy curls of all types.

I really hope that this review helps you. In the near future, you will have an opportunity to win your own since they were kind enough to give me a gift basket containing all the products I have discussed in this review for a giveaway. Stay tuned for the giveaway in the days to come. Until the next time... Stay Blessed.


  1. @Precious, Thank you. I think now that I have the technique down I will definitely be using it. Especially with Curlformers.

  2. That wash and go......! That's the business. Guess I've gotta put this on my pj list!

  3. Great review! All three heads of hair look great using these products!

  4. @GDL I am not responsible for contributing to anyone's PJism... but I will say that these did great.